Duke’s Mayo Bowl embraces the weird with its mayonnaise dump

After months of planning led to a strategy that would keep the field clear of unwanted substances and after trial runs analyzed the viscosity required for a perfect pour, the final stages of preparation could begin. While a pair of football teams clashed through the fourth quarter of a bowl game, several staffers headed away from the action so they could squeeze and shake four gallons of mayonnaise into a Duke’s-branded cooler.

In the hearts of fans who love the quirky and sometimes absurd side of college football, this endeavor turned into the main event at the 2021 Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte. Allie Mowbray, who works at the marketing agency that includes Duke’s as a client, took turns with others rigorously stirring the massive serving of mayonnaise. They whipped it with a flagpole because normal kitchen utensils weren’t big enough for the job, then stirred more just before the dump. After his team won, South Carolina Coach Shane Beamer sat in a folding chair with a hat as his only protection, and mayonnaise rained down from above.

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