Duke's Just Launched a Brand-New Mayo

aise is a staple in almost everyone's fridge. It's the perfect simple sandwich spread. Open a can of tuna, mix it with mayo, add a few seasonings, and you have a quick tuna salad for lunch. It's a necessity in many dips and can even be used instead of butter or oil in cookies and cake

The one thing traditional mayonnaise can't do is be an ingredient in a vegan dish because homemade mayo and storebought mayo, such as Kraft or Hellmann's, are made with eggs. For those who follow a plant-based diet, that's a problem. The eggs in mayo are the only reason dishes such as Vegetarian Chickpea Sandwich Filling and many versions of potato salad aren't vegan. 

Several plant-based mayos are on the market now, and one of the biggest names in mayonnaise, Duke's, is telling fans to get ready for another because it just unveiled a version of vegan mayonnaise.

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