Duke's Newest Mustard Flavor Boasts A Hint Of Kentucky's Finest

For those who love to cook, mustard is a must-have condiment. Whether the piquant, spicy paste makes its way into a vinaigrette or marinade, or is simply slathered generously across a sandwich, this combo of mustard seeds, vinegar, and seasonings brings flavor to so many dishes. Although Leite's Culinaria explains it's fairly easy to make mustard at home, who hasn't enjoyed the convenience of picking up a bottle of one of the many excellent mustard brands available at the grocery store?

Naturally, this means many condiment fans will be pumped to hear that Duke's — a Greenville, South Carolina-founded brand that sells a seriously beloved mayonnaise (via Southern Living), tartar sauce, and sandwich relish, among other products — just shared in a press release it will be adding a line of mustards to its existing selections. Though the condiment brand will now sell four mustards inspired by it's southern roots, one of the new mustard flavors is really taking the concept to the next level.

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