Fruits of the Earth - A 22-event series dedicated to heirloom tomatoes and Virginia wine kicks off this summer

Hanover County is renowned for its tomatoes, and when the topic of heirlooms comes up, the plump orbs ranging from Cherokee Purple to Brandywine are discussed with a deep sense of reverence, the longing for their annual appearance rooted in the simple pleasures they spark, the first bite into their flesh marking the return of summer.

Home to a tomato-friendly terroir — a trifecta of clay, dirt and sand — Hanover is also where Village Garden owners David Hunsaker and Barbara Hollingsworth practice a labor of love on their tried-and-true grounds. Having earned a reputation as the tomato purveyors, the duo behind the decade-old venture possess maternal instincts for ’maters, growing a beautiful bounty of everything from meaty Oxhearts to ribbed Tlacolula Pinks — all picked at the pinnacle of ripeness and delivered to area chefs and farmers markets.

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