The Reason You May Be Noticing More Duke's Mayonnaise Tattoos

When you think about your first love and how might you communicate it through body art, what do you think of? Dolphins? Dragons? (both very popular choices, notes Pop Sugar!) What about Duke's?

We don't mean the dukes up Fighting Irish tattoo you may already know and love. We're talking Duke's mayonnaise. Not ringing a bell? Maybe you're geographically challenged: Duke's mayo reigns supreme south of the Mason Dixon line (per Southern Living), but is less familiar and can be harder to come by in the northern part of the U.S.

But if an immediate visual doesn't come to mind, that may change soon. A tattoo parlor recently made an extraordinary offer to its patrons near and far: Yellow Bird in Richmond, Virginia teamed up with Duke's to provide free tattoos on a limited first-come, first-serve basis (per Vice). There were over forty different images available, but there was one catch: they were all images of Duke's mayonnaise.

That was no deterrent, however: Yellow Bird even had to hire extra staff to keep up with callers trying to get a spot in line (via Food and Wine). Someone even flew in to take advantage of the opportunity. Within an hour of announcing the May 13th event, dozens of people had filled up all the available free-tattoo slots, and they had a thousand-name waitlist to boot. 

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