To Prevent Crumbly Burgers, Consider Adding Mayonnaise

Believe it or not, grilling season is right around the corner. If you can't wait, perhaps you've been perfecting your burger technique on your griddle with the overhead fan on high. If you've noticed your patties have been crumbly and dry, you may need to rethink your method and build a better burger. A crumbly burger is a sign that your patty is lacking moisture. Sometimes this might be the ground beef you buy at the store, which is usually made from different cuts of beef, which might not be as tender. A good rule of thumb is to look for 80-20 ground chuck; it's not too expensive, and the ratio of meat to fat means you should have a juicy burger.

To further ensure a juicy burger, there are things you can do – and some you shouldn't. Don't add salt to your meat until just before you cook – salt leeches moisture, which is what we want to retain. Jenn Segal of Once Upon A Chef recommends a panade base (milk-soaked bread) for some added moisture. If you're into cheese and don't mind the extra work, you can try a Juicy Lucy burger – two thin beef patties with cheese in the middle. The cheese keeps the burger moist, while the crust on the outside keeps everything inside. You can use any cheese you want but stick to something that melts well, like American. You can add moisture and fat with a refrigerator staple – mayonnaise.

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