Banana And Mayo Is The Unexpected Sandwich Filling Some People Crave

If you've ever had the pleasure of watching the iconic British TV show "Doctor Who," you may remember when the doctor erratically devours fish fingers dipped in a bowl of custard. Absurd food combinations like this may make you grimace, or perhaps they pique your curiosity. While the doctor's ideal meal may be fiction, banana and mayonnaise sandwiches are a very real snack that some people crave.

Jam and eggs is an unexpected combination that seriously works, so why not this? Regarded as a local specialty in the South, where it goes by the title Southern banana sandwich, this unusual combination includes mayonnaise and sliced banana between two pieces of bread. It's tangy, sweet, and creamy. Some even describe the sandwich's flavor as achieving a unique balance between the sweetness of the bananas and the salty egginess of the mayonnaise.

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